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Meet Our Coaches

Barbara  Barbara’s experience in coaching and body imaging has spanned almost three decades. She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, The Dietary College of Nutrition and Adelphi University. In her practice, she has coached over 7,000 individuals towards successful weight loss. Barbara became an expert in the weight loss coaching industry long before it became popular. Barbara has consulted for private and public health and fitness facilities throughout the country, including the celeb-centric Equinox Fitness, setting up weight loss regimens, body sculpting nutrition programs and pre-plastic surgery routines.

Barbara's food plans focus on whole foods and are customized for men and women in every decade to accommodate varying weight loss goals, stages of life and individual choice.

Fran's professional experience began with a career in the high end office furniture business, commuting to her position in Manhattan every day.  All the while she was struggling with her own weight issues. After much soul searching, she decided to have Gastric Bypass surgery seven years ago. She has successfully maintained her new weight, and that’s how she discovered that her passion was right in front of her!  Nutrition and weight loss was now what she was living and she wanted to share her knowledge through teaching.  Fran studied at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, receiving her certification as a Holistic Health Coach.

Fran's personal experience has made her an expert with weight loss surgery clients, but that doesn't limit her in any way with weight loss coaching.

Michelle a Certified Health Coach, coaches her clients towards successful weight loss and improved overall wellness. Her approach does not include a one-way solution to weight loss. Instead, she guides her clients towards helping them figure out a customized approach that works for them and an approach that will help them learn how to lose weight effortlessly. Her coaching program includes meal plan development, nutritional education, emotional guidance, ongoing support, and accountability.  Michelle received her education from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City (IIN).  To learn more about Michelle Luft, visit

Keri is a Certified Health Coach and has been living a healthy life style with proper diet and exercise for 39 years under the tutelage of her Mother and world – renowned Nutritionist and Behavioral Therapist, Barbara Crosby. Throughout her life and experience, she has created a program that combines knowledge and practicality.  Keri’s program keys on keeping fit, lean and healthy without the restricted, quick - hit, fad diet plans. Her program is comprehensive and shows you how to create healthy meals, with store bought ingredients, quickly and efficiently.  In addition, she creates a proper exercise plan tailor – made for the individual and designed for long – term results.  Whether you are thinking about starting a family, already have a family or are just looking to get healthier, Keri can help.

Bio coming soon.

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