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For nearly three decades, the health coaches at The Motivational Center have successfully supported and been guide to thousands of individuals, helping them steer away from yo-yo dieting, into a manageable, healthy, long-term way of living and eating. The Motivational Center approach is the perfect balance of support, accountability and information. We are here for our clients.  One of the secrets of our success, is that  when you work with us, we require you to participate in your own success by making permanent lifestyle changes. We don’t spoon feed you pre-packaged meals.


We don’t make you count points, weigh food or take pills. We educate, support, and encourage you to embrace our weight loss program, because we know it will change your life.


When you work with your coach at The Motivational Center, you will receive an abundance of nutritional education along with plenty of motivational techniques that will contribute to your success, including:

  • Personalized food plans that are easy to follow and make sense for you and your lifestyle.

  • How the body reacts to food, medication, sleep, stress, and physical activity.

  • How to adapt your diet and exercise patterns to enhance your weight loss success.

  • Coping strategies to help you manage difficult or challenging times or events.

  • Motivation and support to help you persevere through plateaus or regain control after backsliding.

Note: Please call the office for appointments with Barbara Crosby at (516) 568-1907
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