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Understand Your Dieters -

THE INITIAL CLIENT SESSION is where you will begin to understand your client's food habits. Knowing their food habits will help you develop a weight loss eating approach that will lead your client towards weight loss success within the first week. When you can create weight loss for your client - even a small amount - your client will get excited to work with you and will start to refer you to everyone they know.


To help you understand your client's food habits, it helps if you understand the food habits related to the following types of dieters.


The Calorie Counter - This type of dieter enjoys counting calories and has to eat within a calorie count, which is normally below what she/he is required to eat.


When you start to create a weight loss approach for this type of dieter, focus on foods that contain healthy proteins and healthy carbohydrates (like vegetables). These foods tend to be lower in calories and higher in nutrients. These foods will also help the client feel full longer, and she/he will develop control over their eating habits.


The Professional Dieter - I am sure this one sounds familiar - the one person who has tried every diet known to humankind.


Creating a weight loss approach for this dieter requires lots of excitement regarding your recommended foods. Talk about the latest healthy eating approaches such as the Paleo, Nourishing or the Vegetarian approach. All these diet methods include the perfect foods that will trigger weight loss. 


The Diet Cluber - This type of dieter thrives on a structured weight loss approach. Such as the ones offered through weight watchers or Jenny Craig.

The first session with this dieter will be all about creating that eating plan...step by step. Create it with their input, repeat it, write it down and give it to them.


The Pill Preferrer - Uses diet pills. Chances are this dieter is not eating enough food.


Creating their weight loss approach will be very similar to the calorie counter, healthy protein, and carbohydrates.


The Diet Prisoner - The dieter who uses the scale 3-6 times a day. These clients have very little understanding of their emotional self. They rely on the scale to dictate how they should eat for the day.


This type of dieter requires lots of love and gentleness. Let them know that the scale does not define who they are and in the beginning, help them worry less about the numbers on the scale.  Teach them mindful eating, how to recognize feeling satisfied and not deprived. Assure them that you will work side by side with them helping them accomplish their goal by working not only on the outside but from the inside. Your first goal will be to help them be at peace with their body and view food as their friend.



My name is Barbara Crosby and I am the Founder/Owner of

The Motivational Center and the Nutritionist/Weight Loss Expert.





I am also the author of The Art of Weight Loss Coaching.I have spent over 30 years coaching thousands towards successful weight loss. And as of today, I continue to coach and help my clients successfully reach their desired weight loss goals. Building a thriving coaching practice is a journey filled with many ups and downs. Ups and downs that I have experienced overcame and improved. 



I can help coaches build a successful weight loss business by sharing my strategies and concepts that have contributed to building my practice to the success it is today.

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