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Support and Weight Loss

Support and weight loss

For most of my clients it's finding support for those times when they feel lack of motivation, fall back on old habits, finding it hard to reach their weight loss goals or are feeling overwhelmed with life in general. These struggles are real and here is a secret, they may not ever go away.

That is why finding a support system is essential to your success.

Support has played a huge part in my own life, through successes, sicknesses, loss of loved ones and in being present for my clients. With support, we receive encouragement and motivation. With support, we receive acknowledgement of all that is possible and finding the steps that will move us forward on our path.

Here are some of the steps I use with my clients that supports them throughout their weight loss journey's, all of which helps each and everyone one of them stay on a path towards ongoing success.

CHOICE: Opening up CHOICE by being free from RESTRICTION, allows my clients to create a weight loss program that works for them. We all know what to eat but we are always focused on what we cannot eat. With restrictions, if we eat something that we think is forbidden, we feel so guilty, it creates a binge. Restrictive diets don't work but choice does.

TRUST: Trust yourself and not a diet sheet. We all have the answers, the power and knowledge within us. We've been trained to doubt our knowledge. Through trust, I help my clients get to the point that they can create their own way of eating and be successful without weighing or measuring food.

ACCEPTANCE: When clients come to me, they have chosen that it is time to lose weight. I ask my clients to accept the responsibility to be successful to lose weight by making choices on how and what they need to change, and that I will be the support system to help guide them through the process. The acceptance is ownership of creating a healthier way of eating and living.

VISUALIZATION: What you think is what you create. An integral part of every weight loss journey is to visualize the body the way you want to look as a result of the work you put in. Through support and motivation, I work with clients to stay positive and know Rome was not built in a day.

UNLOCKING THE SCALE PRISONER: Can you relate to being a prisoner to your scale? Checking and rechecking to see if you did or did not lose weight? This is such an important area that I work on with clients. It takes some reconditioning, and rethinking. It takes support.

Regaining health through weight loss is a true commitment to self. All of the steps my clients take, we take together. It is truly one step at a time. We uncover habits that need changing, and we know habits can change, slowly, over time. This is how we achieve lasting change and long term success.

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